The fact is, I've hired over 1,000 people in my lifetime.  Much of my corporate career was hiring for a retail company.  One undisputable finding, from all of this hiring, is that I have little or no ability to distinguish the difference between a person with fantastic work ethics and the very good liar.  I've hired: the "right" look, nice clothing, strong handshake, good eye contact or impressively presented resume.  While never calculating the actual batting average of these practices, I know there is a better way.  Here is my current hiring process...

I currently require the services of an individual with the desire and ability to perform on-line research from home part-time, leading to full-time, at a negotiable rate of pay.  The individual must be able to display the following qualifications before being considered an actual candidate:

- Ability to follow directions.

- Proficiently navigate data entry websites with accurate time requirement accounting

- Provide detailed reporting on assigned research assignment.

- Sign a non-disclosure agreement.

- Agree, and sign, a literary ownership transfer of rights.

Please continue by entering basic contact information:

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